EIP - Beetle Sound Tube

Early acoustic detection of grain storage insect pests
Beetle Sound Tube


Duration: November 2017 - October 2022


Insect pests in grain storages can cause severe financial losses. The insects itself and their feeding activity are one problem but they cause an increase of temperature and moisture that provides good conditions for mites and mould that can cause severe health problems. Due to fungal infection, the grain can be contaminated with mycotoxins which make it inedible for humans or animals and leads to a total loss of stock. Early detection of insect infestation is therefore crucial to keep stocks in a good state, for effective treatment and to reduce losses.

The “Beetle Sound Tube”-System is planned as an acoustic early detection system permanently installed in grain silos that provides information about insect infestation much earlier than conventional monitoring methods. The farmer/storekeeper gets readily prepared information about insect species, an indication about the level of infestation, suggestions for the next steps and can decide on the most suitable treatment. Therefore, treatment can start earlier, hotspots, damage, and succeeding losses can be prevented.


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